3 things Cleveland Indians got wrong with new name Guardians

Cleveland Indians Guardians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Guardians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Indians Guardians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians are national newsmakers with their selection of Guardians as the name of the organization, the fifth name in the 120 years of the franchise.

Previously, the Indians were known as the Blues, Broncos, Naps and the Indians.

Interestingly, 92.3 The Fan’s Baskin and Phelps ran a Twitter poll to see how fans felt about the change, and while far from scientific, I’m going to give this sample some credence. Sports radio is looking for the fan with instant reactions, and that’s what Twitter affords people to do.

Thirty-two percent said they love the name change, while 40 percent said they hated it, and 27 percent voted they don’t care. The way I see it, the love/hate divide isn’t that far off. Surely, some of the 40 percent will eventually come around.

Earlier, I wrote some reasons the Indians got it right, but now I’m looking at reasons they got it wrong. I, like a lot of you, knew this day was coming, and after the news settled in, a melancholy feeling has sank in.

I, like you, grew up cheering for the Indians. Life throws its curves at you, but as James Earl Jones pointed out in “Field of Dreams,” baseball has been a constant throughout time. That’s been true in my life. Through the highs and lows, all I’ve ever wanted to do is see the Cleveland Indians win a World Series.

Now, sadly, those chances diminish greatly with every Tribe loss.

I won’t give up on the Guardians, because I need something to watch at night. I love baseball and Cleveland was where I was born and raised.

There’s reasons ownership got it right, but there’s somethings they could’ve done better.