3 things Cleveland Indians got wrong with new name Guardians

Cleveland Indians Guardians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Guardians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians
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1. Not everyone gets the Guardians

It’s probably a safebet that a solid majority of fans had never heard of the “Guardians of Traffic,” the name given to the Art Deco sculptures overlooking the Hope Memorial bridge, which connects Ohio City to downtown Cleveland.

I’ve got two “Cleveland is the City” T-shirts and the sculptures or the bridge weren’t even on my radar until fans started throwing out new names on social media.

If you’re coming from the west-side burbs, you’re taking I-90 to E. 9th. From the South, up I-71. And from the East Side? I don’t know, because it might as well be another universe.

If you live in Ohio City, then you might go over it every day. I’m not sure if the Indians still do this, pretty recently, the Tribe had  arranged for fans to get a free Lolly the Trolly ride to the game to anyone who parked near the Westside Market.  The Trolley’s route passed over the bridge. It’s a ride I took at least five to six times since 2015, I still never recognized the Guardians.