3 reasons Cleveland Indians got it right with Guardians new name

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The Cleveland Indians have a new name and will be known as the Cleveland Guardians moving forward.

The new name was unveiled during a hype video narrated by Tom Hanks, no less, in which the Academy Award winner explains why “Guardians” was the choice.

Guardians is the fifth team name used by the franchise since it became a charter member of the American League in 1901. Cleveland was the Bluebirds or Blues in 1901, the Broncos in 1902, and the Naps from 1903-1914.

They’ve been the Indians since 1915 when voters in a newspaper poll selected “Indians” as the new team name. Historically, I can’t think of a team that’s changed the name they’ve used for 100 years.

There were many contenders for a new name, as the Dolans were reportedly considering over 1,000 names at one point. Guardians was always a front runner, because of the statues, known as “The Guardians of Traffic.”

These Art Deco sculptures have been overlooking the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge overseeing east-west traffic since 1932. Of course, that was also a significant time for the Indians, as the club started playing games at Municipal Stadium.

Some will love it. Some will hate it. Either way the Tribe—I guess I can’t write that anymore—has ushered in a new era.

Here are three reasons the Indians got it right with the new name.