3 reasons Cleveland Indians got it right with Guardians new name

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1. Cleveland Indians Historical element is there

The hype video nailed it. If you’re from Cleveland or Northeast Ohio, you love reminding people of your roots.

Go ahead. Tell me you don’t have a “Cleveland Against The World” shirt in your drawer.

Cleveland was the butt of many jokes throughout the country for years. Media numbskulls continue to remind viewing audiences of how the Cuyahoga River set on fire whenever there’s a national game played in the city—never mind that it happened around 50 years ago.

The point is…Clevelanders have a chip on their shoulder because we’re a proud people. We know how wonderful our piece of the country is and how lucky we are to enjoy it. From the Metroparks to Lake Erie, to downtown, Little Italy to Rocky River’s Bradstreet Pier.

Additionally, the video did an excellent job of making us feel like stewards, or protectors of the game of baseball in our town. The announcement was conveniently tied to recent talk of the franchisee signing a long-term lease to keep baseball around for the next 15-25 years.