3 reasons Cleveland Indians got it right with Guardians new name

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2. Cleveland Indians owners hit their goal

It’s been reported how ownership didn’t want any more controversies surrounding the team name.

I know many Tribe fans believe the name isn’t offensive. That said, there are some that do, and based on what’s been reported over the past year, enough was enough already, so a new inoffensive name was the target.

Initially, it looks like I thought retiring Chief Wahoo would be enough, but clearly, ownership wanted to do away with any controversy following the social unrest seen throughout the country last summer.

In Guardians, the team has hit a bullseye, in that no one will be offended, while at the same time, keeping a historical element that fans can identity with.

I’m sure there’s a sect that is offended that organization is trying to be inoffensive. To that, I say, yes, it is a sad day. They’ll always be the Indians to me.

I banged chair seats at old Municipal Stadium to cheer on Carmen Castillo and Andy Allison. I went to the final series at that old gem on the lake. My late grandfather was there. I framed the ticket and think of him whenever I look at it. My heart’s been broken three times in October. I got to run the bases with my children on kid’s day, as I raise the next generation of Cleveland fans.

The city my team plays in and the memories I’ve made there are what I’ll continue to pass along.