Cavs Trade Proposal: Collin Sexton to Celtics doesn’t have enough

Cavs Collin Sexton
Cavs Collin Sexton /

A new Cavs trade proposal has the Celtics making a pitch for Collin Sexton.

Those NBA Analysis boys are at it again. Maybe it’s just the city of Cleveland, or maybe it’s just me, but the trade proposals for Collin Sexton have not been good. It’s like they think lesser value for Sexton is going to get the trade done. It’s not. Let’s be clear, the Cavs should abandon any trade attempts and just offer him a max-contract if they can’t get equal or greater value for him.

Basically, if the Bulls are willing to give up two first-round picks for Nikola Vucevic, the center version of Collin Sexton, then the Cavs should get at least that. We’re not even asking for a player like Wendall Carter Jr. back either, two firsts. We can start there.

Now, this Celtics trade idea by Greg Patuto is close. Ideally, the Cavs should get back a veteran who can play immediately, a prospect, and two firsts. That’s the baseline. Unless it’s the Knicks, in which case they’re going to need to give up three firsts just to get us to take on those “prospects”.

This Collin Sexton to the Celtics is missing some first-round picks

Unfortunately, they don’t have the draft picks over the next few years to get this deal done. Picking in the bottom 12 of the draft is the equivalent of drafting a second-rounder as far as I’m concerned. You’ll never recoup fair value. This isn’t the NFL Draft where there is first-round-caliber talent nearing the start of the third round. There is not in the NBA Draft. The fall-off from franchise-changer, to star, to starter to bench guy is steep and fast.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky, sometimes, but we’re not playing the “sometimes” game. We’re playing the odds. The higher the pick, the better the odds, and the Celtics just don’t have any picks worth going after.

This trade would be enough for me with two first-round picks, and one being in the top 15 of the 2021 NBA Draft.

That said, Marcus Smart is an ideal fit for the Cavaliers. He’s a bit overpaid as a defensive specialist and his expiring deal is not enticing. The Cavs would be best to wait for him in free agency in 2022 if they want him.

No reason to make a bad trade.

Stop making bad trades, people.

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