Indians: 5 players who are most likely to be dealt at the trade deadline

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Cesar Hernandez – second basemen

His batting average is down nearly 40 points from 2020, but his power numbers have spiked to a career-high of 17. Probably the team’s best trade chip among the more rumored players, Cesar Hernandez is still a quality defender and with his uptick in home runs, he can help give a team power at the plate. That could be why MLB Trade Rumor lists him at No. 20 on thier list.

Hernandez mirrors Roberto Perez in a lot of ways by landing here. Like Perez, there’s no need to trade Hernandez this year. Both men have club options for 2022 at the same cost as their 2021 seasons. Both men are defensive dynamos who can help improve a team’s defense. They’re both guys who can help this year either in the field or in a trade.

Neither has to be traded. Yet, if Herandez is, he might fetch the best single-player return of anyone on this list. The Tribe has a plethora of infielders who are hoping for a shot at second base eventually, and Hernandez, who is 31, is just delaying that process by playing well.

Like with Perez, Hernandez is what he is. He’s a career .270 hitter with some modest power and is a standout defensively. He could help the team any way you go forward but it comes down to which way will the club go?

You could probably get a Top 20 prospect from any club who’s interested, if not more, and that could set you up for the future. You could also keep him, hope Shane Bieber is back by mid-August, that the divisional series go your way from here on out and try and make a run for the playoffs.

Hernandez has been a nice get for the Tribe but there is going to be a lingering question in 2022 if he’s the best guy for the job as players under him continue to develop. If they do develop or Hernandez struggles, would you even get as much for him next year as you could have this year? That’s another question to ponder.

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