Cavs: 6 players worth trading up to try and select in the 2021 NBA Draft

Cleveland Cavaliers mock draft(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers mock draft(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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The 2021 NBA Draft is upon us and the Cavs are almost on the clock.

The Cavs have been discussing trading up for second first-round pick for a while now. Whether they’re able to do it or not is up in the air. They could certainly make a trade for a player already drafted after the fact, like how they did with Kevin Porter Jr., and that would essentially be the same thing. So since they’re interested in landing two first-round picks, at least, we’re going to look at the six players the Cavaliers should seriously consider looking at beyond their selection at No. 3 overall.

We’re not going to be adding too many layers to this. Cleveland is expected to take center Evan Mobley at No. 3. He never worked out for the Rockets and the Pistons have already pre-selected Cade Cunningham, so there’s no reason to doubt that the Cavaliers are taking him. They could make a trade out of the third spot, sure, but that doesn’t seem likely. If anything, the trade for another first-rounder will come after the pick at No. 3.

Since we don’t know when the Cavaliers will draft again, if they even will, we’ll just assume anyone not named Mobley, Cunningham, or Jalen Green (the pick many think the Rockets will go with at No. 2), will be available either to be drafted by the Cavs following a trade or could be traded to the Cavaliers after they initially get drafted. We’re not going to worry about pitching trade suggestions or even declaring where we think the second player will be drafted.

So let’s get into it.