2021 NBA Draft: 3 reasons Cavs got it right with Evan Mobley

Cavs Evan Mobley
Cavs Evan Mobley /
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Cavs Evan Mobley /

1. Cavs acquire unique talent

Cleveland.com’s Chris Fedor said it best regarding what makes Evan Mobley so special, via 92.3 The Fan. 

"“Seven-footers don’t move like him. They’re not supposed to move like him. He’s just a different kind of player than what has come into the NBA Draft the last five…”"

In some  years, Mobley would be good enough to be drafted No. 1. He’s a big man who can score, and is a threat to do so from the outside, meaning he can stretch the floor–a necessity in today’s NBA.

Mobley wasn’t a big-time 3-point shooter with USC, but some evaluators believe he can one day become a threat from downtown because of high shooting percentage on mid-range jumpers and free throws.

Defensively, he can block shots and rebound. Plus, he’s a big man who can switch on pick and rolls, meaning he doesn’t become a liability deep in games when the Cavs might be looking to get a big stop.