5 Cleveland Browns who need a good preseason opener vs Jaguars

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1. Cleveland Browns CB A.J. Green

He’s impressed so far at camp, but now let’s see if the the 2020 undrafted free agent can put things together for the Cleveland Browns against another team.

Some, including myself, were overly optimistic on Green’s stock after he signed with the Browns, for a pretty hefty sum of $145,000 (as far as undrafted free agents go). That said, Green went undrafted for a reason. He needed to find a team he could grow with, and hopefully, that was the Browns.

Green spent a lot of time on Cleveland’s practice squad last season, and while the upper tier of the depth chart is stacked with the likes of Denzel Ward, Greg Newsome and Troy Hills, corners are like pitchers in baseball–you can never have enough.

Fans saw firsthand how Cleveland’s depth eroded away last season, so hopefully, a year of development will turn Green into a player capable of stepping in and holding things together.

As a reserve, Green should see plenty of playing time going up against Jacksonville’s second and third stringers.