5 Cleveland Browns who need a good preseason opener vs Jaguars

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3. Cleveland Browns CB Greedy Williams

Williams was listed as the starter opposite of Denzel Ward on the team’s unofficial depth chart.

Again, as a starter, Williams isn’t going to play much, but a series or two could go a longway to answering fan questions concerning the former second-round pick.

For example, we’re in need of answers to basic questions regarding Williams, who hasn’t played a game in over 18 months. For example, can he get up after making a tackle? Don’t misunderstand my question as a dig at Williams. It’s not. Nerve damage is serious stuff, and it’s not unreasonable to want to see Williams perform something that every NFL player should be able to do.

Every card carrying member of the Dawg Pound is hopeful Williams makes it through, while building positive vibes.

Certainly the Browns won’t want Williams to overdo things, but it  will be interesting to see how much he’s used just because he’s only appeared in 12 career games.