4 Cleveland Browns who owned Giants in 2021 joint practices

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
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3. Cleveland Browns K Cody Parkey

I never thought Parkey’s job was in serious jeopardy, that said, as a kicker in the NFL, his job status truly fluctuates on a week-to-week basis.

The truth is Parkey stabilized the position last season and he’d need to be awful to lose the job to Chase McGlaughlin.

They didn’t practice field goals on Thursday, but in the Friday session, Parkey nailed all five of his attempts, ranging from 38 to 51 yards. That last one is a big one because the knock on Parkey is that he didn’t have the ability to kick fo distance.

Ideally, Parkey will get an opportunity to try a long one in the game.

He’d have to be terrible from here on out to lose the gig, and I just don’t see it happening, but the Browns will likely keep McGlaughlin’s name on speed dial.