Indians: 3 players who have recovered and started to have good seasons

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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The Indians may have found three pieces of their 2022 roster already.

It’s no doubt the Indians have had a rocky 2021. The pitching staff has been over-worked, mostly due to injuries to three key starters and those in reserve just couldn’t keep it together. The whole thing sunk the season and with a little more than a month to go, it seems highly unlikely the Indians will be able to break on through to the postseason. While not mathematically eliminated, the convergence of events that would need to happen to get the Tribe into the postseason are so numerous it’s not even worth talking about in detail.

It boils down to a lot of winning, and a whole lot of everyone else losing.

A winning record, however, is not out of question. That in itself would be an accomplishment, considering the team is without its best pitcher, its manager and most of the lineup have timeshares on the injured list.

It does seem funny to go from a possible World Series appearance at the start of the season to just hoping we continue our streak of nine-straight winning seasons but that seems to be where we’re at. The injury bug alone didn’t sink this team, but slow starts to the season and under-performing players contributed.

Some of whom were so far done and buried at one point, many fans thought a release may be in order. As the season continued, however, those three players started to rebound very well. While one or two may not become the studs we were hoping for, they all have shown enough to warrant spots on the 2022 roster.