3 Cleveland Browns whose stock is up after Week 1 Chiefs collapse

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Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns outplayed the Kansas City Chiefs for three quarters in the 2021 season opener, but ultimately came up short.

A fourth-quarter collapse cost the Browns, as some of us wonder if Baker Mayfield is the quarterback to pull out the game on the final possession.

The loss stings, but the big picture would indicate the Browns are close. The Chiefs are the class of the AFC Cleveland’s now given them two tough games, if you also count last season’s Divisional round playoff game.

Obviously, in disaster, which the fourth quarter was, there’s going to be some players who saw their stocks sink. But when you go punch-for-punch with the champs, there’s going to be some performances to recognize, as well.

Here’s a look at three Browns whose stock is up following the victory.

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