Browns: Top 5 players from the week against the Chiefs

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

These are the five Browns’ players who showed up against the Chiefs

The Browns are 0-1 but that’s ok. There’s an air of confidence around this team that hasn’t been there before. Maybe that’s because the Chiefs are behind the team and the Texans are on the horizon, a team many expect to be at the top of the draft. It could also be that maybe the Browns have a head coach in place who breathes confidence into his players.

It also didn’t hurt that their starting quarterback and one of their top receivers took the reigns after the loss to boast up the confidence of their teammates.

So because of that excitement, we’re not dwelling on the loss any longer and we’re going to celebrate five of the best players from Sunday’s game.

The Browns five best players from the week

5. Denzel Ward

Denzel Ward may not have made many highlight-reel plays against the Chiefs but on more than one occasion Ward ran step for step with Tyreek Hill. When facing a player as fast as Hill, sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

4. Malik McDowell

I have my concerns about Malik McDowell and this in no way assuages them. That said, I believe in being honest in my reviews and opinions and the truth is McDowell may have single-handily shut down the scripted running game of the Chiefs. Twice in the first quarter, McDowell blew up all three of the Chiefs’ interior linesmen to negate the running game. While it was only two plays that he was this impactful on, it may have changed the tone of the game. The Chiefs didn’t run the ball that often after that, and I have to think part of the reason why was McDowell’s presence.

3. Anthony Schwartz

Anthony Schwartz didn’t know he’d be playing so much until the game started, mostly due to Odell Beckham not being a scratch until game-time. Despite that, Schwartz really showed up. He only caught three passes for 69 yards, but he averaged 23 yards per catch. Had he not dropped a crucial fourth-quarter catch, it’s very likely the Browns win this game.

2. Nick Chubb

The fumble by Nick Chubb hurt but that’s not why he only lands at number two. No, Chubb did great, had two rushing touchdowns, and averaged 5.5 yards-per-carry. Very Chubb-like numbers. The reason he doesn’t make the top slot is that he didn’t raise his game. Let’s be clear, there might not be another level above Chubb, and this is not intended to be about him needing to get better. He’s a Top 3 back. The comment has nothing to do with Chubb and more to do with…

1. Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield raised his game against the Chiefs. Not only did he look confident all game long, but he only had three bad passes, and one of them might not have been Mayfield’s fault (Schwartz broke the route). He did it without his starting left tackle for most of the game and his “best” wide receiver. Mayfield extended plays with his feet, threw away the ball when needed, and dropped pinpoint accurate lasers to his guys; all while spreading the ball around. Mayfield is continuing with his 2020 success and the team will be better for it.

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