Browns: 3 questions the return of Odell Beckham creates

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Odell Beckham’s return to the Browns raises some questions.

The Browns are finally getting Odell Beckham back after nearly a year on the shelf with a torn ACL. Beckham will make his return against the Chicago Bears’ defense and while their offense is atrocious, their defense is the exact opposite. Beckham’s return couldn’t have come at a better time.

Not only due to the Bears’ aggressive defense but also due to the fact that his best friend and the Browns’ ace receiver, Jarvis Landry, has been placed on the IR for the next three weeks at least. After his injury last week against the Texans, it seemed as though no receivers stepped up to replace him. Instead, Baker Mayfield over-relied on the tight ends and running backs.

Beckham’s return should allow a more natural rhythm to return to the offense in passing situations but his return also prompts a few questions.

These are three questions concerning Odell Beckham’s return to the Browns

What does he have left?

It’s been almost five years since Odell Beckham was “Odell Beckham”. He’s no longer the super-dynamic player he was in the earlier part of his career. He’s pushing 30 and has a history of leg injuries so long that the doctors sometimes confuse his and Grant Hill’s medical history. To wonder if he’s more than likely lost a step or 15 isn’t out of line. Your body can only handle so much before it doesn’t bounce back. Can Beckham bounce back after four-plus years of lower-leg injuries?

More specifically, can he even be relied upon before another injury takes him down?

Can he adjust to Baker Mayfield?

One of the biggest issues that Beckham dealt with in 2019 and 2020 was his inability to get on the same page with Baker Mayfield. The injuries were bad enough but during their brief season and change together, Beckham was not the game-changer he was billed as. Mayfield, on quite a few occasions, tried to force the ball to Beckham far too often. Will that be the case this time around, or will the two finally look like they’re in sync?

How will he affect the game?

One of the things a young Beckham used to bring to the table was an obvious need to be double-teamed. That may no longer be a thing in 2021. Can he still demand two guys covering him? If so, that’ll open up the pass-game even if he’s not the one getting the ball. If he can’t, then he’s just another guy and at his salary, that can’t be acceptable.

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