5 Cleveland Browns whose stocks sunk after Chargers heartbreaker

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3. Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefanski

The Chargers heartbreaker was a rough one for the reigning coach of the year, particularly toward the end of the game.

Stefanski went full-blown Freddie Kitchens on a 3rd 9 on the team’s second-to-last possession of the game, calling a half-back delay that netted three yards. Unfortunately, the Chargers got the ball back, scored, and the Browns were done.

Additionally, I don’t know how Nick Chubb didn’t sniff the field on the second-to-last possession on a three-play drive in which the Browns ran it twice. Kareem Hunt is excellent, but in this game, Chubb had the hot hand.

To shift direction a little, I’ve put the onus on Mayfield for failing to pull out the victory in this one, but Stefanski should share the front seat with his quarterback.

It’ll be interesting to see if Stefanski can grow from this loss, because he’s looking at the same results we are. His quarterback can’t match the upper echelon signal callers. How’s he going to devise a game plan that will eventually get the Browns over the top in these fun, shootouts?

So far, it’s a code he hasn’t cracked.