Browns: 5 undeniable awful truths after the first five games

Browns (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Browns (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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The Browns’ loss to the Chargers cemented some truths.

The Browns have some issues, which isn’t a surprise, every team in the NFL does. These are the Browns’. Let’s be very clear, we are not doom and gloom, the sky isn’t falling and chicken little isn’t running for the hills. These are the issues the team needs to make corrections to before things get further out of hand.

The Browns won’t have their bye week until the first week of December (Week 13), so there’s no real hope of waiting that long to make massive corrections. The NFL Trade Deadline, which the team should consider making a move or two at, is Nov. 2. There’s a position or two they’re going to want to address and you’ll get a piece of chocolate if you can guess which two.

So don’t look at this as some final ruling on the Brown’s season. We’re only a quarter-plus through the season and the team has some issues, that’s it. We’re not ruling out anything as far as wins go. The Cardinals are next up and the Browns are good enough to hand them their first loss.

The Browns are one of the most talented teams in the league, they just have to shore up these issues because these are the issues that will cost them later in the season. They just have to accept these issues are these issues and do something to change them. Make a trade, sign someone from free agency or promote someone off of the practice squad. Something, anything really.