Cavs: 76ers urge Cavs to bring teams into trade with All-Star talent

The Cavs are being urged by the 76er to up their game.

The Cavs are trying to land Ben Simmons, it’s happening. They clearly think he’s the piece to get and they’re going to try to do everything they can to get him. The problem? The team only has young players and draft picks, and the 76ers aren’t interested.

The solution? Well, the 76ers told the Cavs to go get some teams with All-Star-type players if Cleveland wants to make this deal work.

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Cavs and fellow Simmons-hungry franchises like Minnesota, are being told they need to go get some other teams into this deal to make it happen because neither Northern-based team has the pieces needed to get it done.

If it takes five steps for two teams to complete a trade, it’s been described to B/R that no conversation with Philadelphia has truly advanced past step one. Few talks actually generated formal offers, and Philadelphia has informed most teams their best path to acquiring Simmons is in a three-team structure, sources said. The Cavaliers and [Minnesota] Timberwolves, for example, have largely made pick-heavy overtures that Philadelphia has urged Cleveland and Minnesota to bring to teams with specific All-Star-caliber players the Sixers actually covet.

The Cavs are interested in Ben Simmons but apparently not far along

The Cavaliers clearly have an interest in Simmons. That much is obvious. The problem that no one is able to solve, however, is how do they get Simmons from Philadelphia to Cleveland. The problem that the Cavs and anyone else shopping for Simmons will soon find out is that there aren’t a lot of known teams out there looking to deal big names.

Maybe the most obvious would be Andrew Wiggins, but that doesn’t seem like a good trade for the 76ers. Kyrie Irving could be an option if the Nets grow tired of his drama but if so, why would Cleveland be involved in that trade? Damian Lillard isn’t likely to go anywhere and unless someone like De’Aaron Fox or Zion Williams just out of nowhere wants out of their situation, nothing appears to be happening.

Now that Simmons has returned to camp, there’s also no need to trade him. So this saga could be far from over.