Browns: Coaching failures and 5 other terrible things in loss to Cardinals

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /
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The Conclusion

The Browns played like absolute muck today. Baker Mayfield’s two first-half turnovers looked like game-breakers for the team but his play actually improved drastically after them. The problem is that Kevin Stefanski did everything possible to make sure the team didn’t have any rhythm or functionality. Instead of trusting his schemes and ability to develop talent, the Browns instead changed their entire game plan much to the dismay of everyone watching.

The defense was absolutely awful as well. That can’t be disputed, and frankly, it might be time to make some dramatic changes. It’s not our third-string corners getting beat like last week, it’s the best the team has to offer. So is it the team’s fault for bringing in bad players or is it the coaching and scheme that is failing them? Either way, someone’s job is on the line now.

Something has to change and that cannot be reasonably disputed. The Cardinals, like the Chargers, weren’t threading the needle on passes. They were just taking advantage of open spaces in the secondary because no one was doing their job. This team is making bad quarterbacks look good, and good quarterbacks look like MVPs. The Browns are being picked apart over the top of safties and in the middle of the field. That’s either a scheme issue or a talent issue. That was an issue last year and now this year. After two seasons, two offseasons, and gobs of practices, neither should still be an issue. Either Joe Woods is a bad coach or Andrew Berry can’t secure proper talent.

You pick which one it is.

The Browns are now 3-3 on the year and have fallen far back in the playoff chase and divisional race. It’s going to take a monster effort by the Browns to come back from this start. Stefanski has got to do better because so many of the issues with this team are on him and his coaches.

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