6 trades Cleveland Browns should buy, sell ahead of NFL deadline

Cleveland Browns Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

1. Cleveland Browns: Sell on Jimmy G

There was a time when it looked like Jimmy Garoppolo was destined to be the Cleveland Browns quarterback. Trading for him when he was with the Patriots made too much sense.

Alas, he landed in San Francisco and took the 49ers to the Super Bowl–that was just two seasons ago–and the 49ers are already moving on, taking Trey Lance early in last spring’s draft.

Now, The Athletic is suggesting (subscription required) Jimmy G to Cleveland “…If Baker Mayfield breaks down and misses an extended period.”

Well, Mayfield’s shoulder is hanging on for its life and he’s really just a play away from being lost for the season.

From  the 49ers point of view, The Athletic writer Mike Sando reasoned the 49ers have moved on anyway, why not try and save some money? He wrote the following quoting an anonymous NFL executive, who sees an opportunity to unload Odell Beckham Jr.

"“‘What if Cleveland traded Odell (Beckham) straight up for Garoppolo?’ an exec asked. ‘Would San Francisco do that? I actually don’t know how many teams would want Odell. It’s a big win for Cleveland if they can get his money off the books.'”"

I love this proposal for blogs like this one, but this deal makes ZERO sense. Mayfield’s still active and Beckham is beloved in the locker room. Trading him could pose chemistry issues. It’s more likely the Cleveland-OBJ saga finally comes to a conclusion during the offseason.

For what it’s worth, Jimmy G makes a lot of money and the Browns would have to take on his $25 million contract for the rest of 2021. They’d be unloading OBJ’s, salary in the deal, hypothetically.

Garoppolo is due $25.6 million next season, but none of it is guaranteed, according to Pro Football Network. The Browns would be on the hook for $1.4 million cap hit if they did make this trade and cut him next season.

Sell on this one, though, because the Browns are paying Case Keenum $6 million. He didn’t get his team to the Super Bowl, but was very good back in 2017, leading the Vikings to the NFC title game running this offense.