Browns Game Recap: Kevin Stefanski gets exposed in embarrassing loss (3 Bad/3 Worst of Week 10)

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /
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The Browns got rolled by the Patriots.

The Browns lost to the Patriots in an embarrassing fashion. With numerous top talents out for the week, Kevin Stefanski had to be efficient and cunning in his game plan to defeat the Patriots’ stunning defense. Joe Woods had to be aggressive and resilient in the defense’s game plan against rookie Matt Jones.

Neither man did either of their things.

The opening drive saw the Browns march down the field thanks to Baker Mayfield and D’Ernest Johnson, ending with Mayfield connecting with Austin Hooper for a touchdown. The Patriots responded with a touchdown of their own with Hunter Henry catching the touchdown pass with just 0:26 left in the quarter.

Mayfield turned the ball over rather quickly at the start of the second quarter, and the Patriots were able to capitalize on it and score on the next possession. The Browns didn’t respond after Anthony Schwartz overran a route that nearly resulted in Mayfield’s second interception on the day. After backing up the Patriots to the half-yard line to start their next drive, the Browns brought in four cornerbacks, allowing the Patriots to get significant distance from their own endzone. The Patriots capped off the drive, going 99 yards, for a touchdown. The second quarter ended with the Patriots going up by a field goal to close things out for the first half at 24-7.

The third quarter started with both the Patriots and Browns punting the ball in back-to-back drives. Baker Mayfield wouldn’t be able to find anyone ope, as the Patriot’s pass defense completely took away any chance of pushing the ball downfield. This resulted in Mayfield sitting in the pocket too long and eventually getting hit by Matthew Judon for a sack and injured.

The fourth quarter was pretty much garbage time, with Case Keenum taking over at quarterback with the game well out of hand.