Cleveland Browns: Hope boos were worth playing Baker Mayfield

Browns Baker Mayfield (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Browns Baker Mayfield (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns beat the Detroit Lions 13-10 in Week 11 at the stadium, but it certainly didn’t feel like it–not when the quarterback we’re hoping is the franchise game changer–is getting booed by the home crown after throwing a fourth-quarter interception, his second of the game.

So, was it worth it? Baker didn’t talk to the press after the game. His wife is dividing the locker room. We all know Mayfield is playing through multiple injuries. His own words have told us how  he’s more banged up now than he’s ever been in his career. Yet, coach Kevin Stefanski tell us he’s healthy enough to play–healthy enough to post a career low passer rating (53.2) for the second week in a row.

A healthy Baker Mayfield is better than Case Keenum. It’s doesn’t required a trip to the Sloan Analytics conference to figure out. But the Mayfield they’re trotting out there right now can’t be better than the backup. If Keenum couldn’t outplay a hobbled Mayfield, then he’s robbing the Browns of $6 million.

Cleveland Browns couldn’t won this with Keenum

Just look at the score. Had it been Keenum who beat the Lions 13-10, we’re signing a different tune and going into Baltimore a little more optimistic. Instead, we’re wondering how our duct-taped together quarterback is supposed to beat the division leading Ravens twice in a row.

Coach Kevin Stefanski had Mayfield throwing too much in the second half, which didn’t make sense considering the Browns had a 13-0-point lead. That’s when the Browns are supposed to run to win.

Instead, they dropped Mayfield back, rolling him to his left too often. Watching him try to complete intermediate throws was as pleasant as pulling a splinter out.

Mayfield had one touchdown pass in victory, giving him nine on the season. His season low is 22, which was set in 2019. In a league where seemingly everyone else’s quarterback throws multiple scores per game (freaking Taylor Heinicke threw three more today), it’s like trying to move a mountain for Mayfield to throw for a score.

Mathematically, everything is still there for the taking for the 6-5 Browns. Beat the Ravens twice and boom, suddenly Cleveland is the king of the division.

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Unfortunately, all season long, we’ve failed to see the play at quarterback lift up a Cleveland Browns team constantly confronted by adversity. With the season on the line the next Sunday night, a hurt Mayfield doesn’t improve the chances.