3 potential future replacements for Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield

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Cleveland Browns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns
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The idea of the Cleveland Browns moving on from Baker Mayfield isn’t something the Dawg Pounds wants to seriously think about, but admit it, you’ve had the thought.

As the offense repeatedly stalls, you know you’ve asked yourself, “What do we do if Mayfield isn’t the answer?”

It’s a gigantic “If,” but never say never–especially in the NFL.

I’d argue a healthy sect of the fan base wants to see Mayfield succeed. The Browns wandered the quarterback desert for the better part of 20 years before finally finding the Oklahoma product.

He’s 28-28 as a starter, which is tremendous when talking about Cleveland quarterbacks, however, if the Browns are to finally win Super Bowl, they need more from the position.

After bursting onto the scene, Mayfield set the rookie record for passing touchdowns in a season. Since then, his career has been a roller coaster. It took a major dip under Freddie Kitchens in year two, while he rebuilt hope with a playoff win in year three.

But in year four, we’re witnessing a quarterback under fire. Someone who’s playing for a big contract and appears injured, yet his team insists he’s not only healthy enough to play, but to win.

Even if the current campaign doesn’t shake out Cleveland’s way, it’s hard to see the Browns parting ways with Mayfield. They’ve picked up his fifth-year option, committing $18 million to Mayfield in 2022.

However, if the Browns did move on, they might consider these three quarterbacks, and no, you won’t see Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson here. If it actually happened, great. Let’s party. But come on. Rodgers isn’t leaving Green Bay and Wilson has already listed the four teams he’d be willing to play for (Dallas, Saints, Raiders Bears) and the Browns weren’t listed.

For what it’s worth, Mayfield would cement his future in Cleveland by guiding the Browns to the playoffs. That probably means going 4-1 in the final games. Tough? Yes. Impossible, no.

Here’s three three veteran quarterbacks that are realistic options should the Browns move on.