5 reasons Cleveland Browns will win Week 14 rematch vs Ravens

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3. Stefanski is open to Browns using Chubb and Hunt together

At long last, Kevin Stefanski said he’s considering playing Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt on the field together.

What took so long? It’s amazing to me how smart coaches fail to see the forest for the trees at times, when the fan base saw the obvious all along.

Hunt and Chubb together isn’t about one blocking for the other, rather, it creates havoc for a defense, who has to know where both players are at all times.

Imagine the fake to Chubb and screen to Hunt with Wyatt Teller and Joel Bitonio out there to clear a path.

As obvious as it is to the rest of us, Stefanski may finally get to this scheme through attrition. The Browns are down to one tight end in Austin Hooper (they have more elevated off the practice squad, but come on). The stock of its receiving corps is as low as its ever been, with Rashard Higgins being demoted in favor of Ja’Marcus Bradley.

If there were a time to put your two best players on the field at the same time, when you’re struggling to put two touchdowns on the scoreboard every week, this is it.

I’m hopeful Stefanski follows, through, but I’m also realistic. NFL coaches are stubborn and some may not adapt as quickly as others. Hunt and Chubb have been on the field ZERO times together this season. It just doesn’t seem in Stefanski’s DNA that he’d make such drastic personnel changes during one Bye week.

Alas, I’m told desperate times call for desperate measures. We shall see.