Cavs Trade Rumor: Cleveland possibly eyeing Caris LeVert for Collin Sexton

Cavs Caris LeVert (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cavs Caris LeVert (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Cavs trade rumor suggest Caris LeVert for Collin Sexton.

I’ll take “Things I didn’t expect to see on Monday” for $100, please. The Cavs are apparently making a run, or at the very least, are interested in the idea of adding Caris LeVert from the Indiana Pacers. It’s a trade possibility that could involve Collin Sexton, at least according to Sam Amico.

Joe Vardon of The Athletic believes the Pacers are high on Sexton, even with the knee injury. The Cavs are apparently very high on LeVert, but it’s only insinuated the two have talked about a swap of the two players; not that the two sides have actually done so. The Cavs and Pacers are talking; it’s just not sure what they’re talking about.

It seems to be about LeVert, but that’s anyone’s guess at this point. The trade does make sense on paper, LeVert could add scoring help for the Cavs, and would give them a ninth player to rely on, as the team is currently just running out eight guys nightly. Depth will be an issue later in the season. Adding LeVert allows the team to have four off the bench on a nightly basis, and allows guys more opportunities to rest and split the load.

Trading Collin Sexton for Caris LeVert may be a big hit to the team’s chemistry.

The Cavs are not in a place where they should just dive into any trade a team offers. Even if it looks like it’ll improve them on paper. The team’s chemistry is as good as many have seen it and they’re doing a lot of damage to the NBA without needing guys like Collin Sexton or Caris LeVert.

It’s tempting to make the trade, LeVert adds size and scoring to the lineup, but at what price? If it costs the team its best asset, chemistry, then it’s not worth it.

Moreover, does LeVert even fit in the Cavs scheme? Sexton really didn’t, while he has his supporters, he’ll never be a good defensive player. So why would he fit in this team going forward? Even Kevin Love is posting a RAPTOR score of +0.7 at the moment. The Cavs have only one defensive liability at the moment, Darius Garland (-0.7) and it isn’t like he’s a human turnstile either. He’s fine.

Now LeVert is only posting a -0.1 at the moment and that’s on an inconsistent Pacers team. So maybe he can improve defensively. What isn’t likely to improve is his three-point shooting. Barely a league-average type shooter, LeVert is only hitting 29% this year. That’s not far off from his career average of 33.2%.

So clearly LeVert isn’t a perfect addition to the Cavaliers if they go that way. Right now with the team playing as well as they are, I’d avoid making any trades, for anyone, for fear that it could upset the balance in the locker room. This team is projected to finish third in the East, finishing the year just shy of 50 wins.

Let’s hold off on going for LeVert until the team proves they need him.

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