Clueless Baseball costs Cleveland Guardians fans transaction season

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Thinking about the Cleveland Guardians the MLB Work stoppage….

Baseball may get one right every once in a while, but they’ll have to miss on 10,000 before they finally stumble up on that crumb.

I’m reminded of that every time I log onto social media and see the Cleveland Guardians trying to sell me on Opening Day tickets or a Spring Training package.

In the week before Christmas, it seems more likely that the Guards will acquire Mike Trout for a box of “Fastball G” hats than the actuality of these events taking place as scheduled.

With the work stoppage in full effect, the owners and the players are so far apart on what seems like some major issues. I would love to be proved wrong, but I don’t see this season starting on time.

If there’s one thing that may get this season started on time, It’s the pandemic. That’s what it took for MLB to lose its 2020 Opening Day–its first since the strike of 1994. Owners and players can’t be so out of touch that they’d lose out on the second opening day in three years over money.

Right, I have as much faith in them as you do.

Until then, I’m laughing at how hapless baseball is at costing its fans a transaction season. Yep, there were some Uber-huge contracts given out just before the stoppage, but this time of year is usually dominated by the Winter Meetings, trade talk and more free-agent signings.

What’s usually  good buzz for the sport, offering hope heading into a new season, is replaced with lasting memories of a sign falling or the fact the team makes less than Max Scherzer’s average annual salary.

Don’t think the fans don’t care bout this time of year? I’ve been at this blogging game for awhile now, and baseball’s December numbers are always huge, as speculation and rumors dominate the headlines.

It’s just like the NBA, where every July, everyone goes nuts over free agency. Often times, this part of the season is more exciting than anything teams (especially losing teams) will do through the course of a season.

Quite simply, it’s fun!

But of course, baseball knows how to squash that.

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to purchase my Guards six-pack, where I anticipate the Internet will crash with so many virtually lining up.