5 Cleveland Browns whose stock is down after Raiders heartbreaker

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2. Cleveland Browns CB Denzel Ward

Overall, Ward played pretty well. He was on coverage for the Raiders’ first TD score, but, heck, not everyone’s perfect.

Ward’s on this list because he went full-blown Roger Dorn on this play. A critical takedown here probably stops the Raiders in-bounds and runs the clock.

Now, who knows what happens if he comes through and makes this play, but  every single Browns fan in the world would have liked to have found out.

Ward’s been an excellent player this season, which makes this egregious lack of effort tough to consume.

He just assumes JOK is going to make the play. Maybe he was afraid of a head-to-head collision with the linebacker. I don’t know, except to say that it’s a terrible look for a guy who’s probably going to the Pro Bowl.