Not enough being made over Browns tweet aimed at Kevin Stefanski

Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

Is it me, or is not enough being made about the tweet Cleveland Browns safety John Johnson III made about his head coach during the Christmas debacle.

“Run the **** ball,” Johnson, who was out with COVID-19, Tweeted from wherever he was watching the game after watching Baker Mayfield throw another interception.

To me, it calls into questions the coach’s hold on the entire team and raises questions over whether Stefanski has too much on his plate.

In Johnson, we’re talking about one of the team’s defensive leaders who wrote these words. He’s so well respected, he has the yellow sticker on the back of his helmet, which means the coaches communicate to him through an ear piece so he can set up the defense.

If the Browns fail to make the playoffs, it would be a step backward, and you wonder if it would be enough for the Browns collaborative front office to pressure Stefanski into giving up play calling duties.

Just look at the prior game, when Mike Priefer was the head coach and Alex Van Pelt was calling the plays. Run the ball he did, almost too much, according to some fans, who wanted him to throw on the ill-fated 3rd and short that Chubb couldn’t get across the marker.

Second guessing that call is easy, but one one can die on that hill, screaming that giving Chubb the ball was somehow a bad idea.

You just get the idea that Stefanski was watching that at home freaking out. This is a guy who wants to score and score fast. Heck, even after Baker Mayfield blew it in Green Bay, Stefanski was sticking by his play calling, talking about how the pass for David Njoku was there, his quarterback just didn’t execute it.

His plan all along was to try and get a touchdown. Never mind if that mean Aaron Rodgers got the ball with 45 seconds remaining ( you know he would’ve got the Packers into position to score).

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A lot is made of things needing to go perfectly for Mayfield to succeed, well, the same thing could be said for the Browns’ coach. His teams seem incapable of coming back. We’ll see he can offer any answers in what’s going to be a dog-fight end to the regular season.