Ranking and grading each Browns player from the 2020 NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns Donovan Peoples-Jones (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Donovan Peoples-Jones (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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We’re looking back at the 2020 Cleveland Browns Draft Class

The Cleveland Browns had a new era with their 2020 NFL Draft Class and after two seasons of play, we’re starting to get a much better view of who these players are and what they’re capable of becoming. Injuries and illness have slowed the evaluation process for some but for others they’ve made enough of an impact to see where they’re going.

Most of these players took a step forward from their rookie year, or at the very least, didn’t completely regress.

All that said, you need four solid years to know what a player is and will be. It’s easy to write someone off after year one but if you want an honest look at whether or not they’re on the right track, you have to give them more than one season. Right now we’re two years through a four-year process. That’s important to realize, as even though we know if a guy is good or not currently, players can get better (and worse) from year to year.

That’s why this isn’t a finished process. It’s going to take all four years to see what a guy can be. If by 25 or 26-years-old you still can’t crack the starting lineup, let alone be a reliable player, then it’s fair to say the team should move on from you.

The Browns don’t know what they truly have yet in the 2020 NFL Draft Class, though we have a good idea where things are going. So it’s important to realize that this evaluation is only for right now, and not necessarily how their career will be remembered.

So keep that in mind as we go through and rank and grade the Browns 2020 NFL Draft class.