Cleveland Browns rumors: Bears making a run at o-line coach Bill Callahan

Cleveland Browns (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

They say build through the trenches, and that’s what it looks like new Bears coach Matt Eberflus is trying to do, at the cost of the Cleveland Browns.

Eberflus is reportedly trying to lure offensive line coach Bill Callahan out of Cleveland, according to veteran Bears’ writer Erik Lambert, of

Lambert correctly noted that if Ebeflus was able to pull this off, it would amount to “Highway Robbery” and he’s right.

Callahan has been instrumental to the offensive line ever since taking the job under Kevin Stefanski. He was widely credited with successfully employing the zone-blocking scheme during the Covid-crazy year of 2020, which saw the Browns get to the playoffs.

While there, Callahan coached up a line of mostly backups to the point where the Browns were able to blowout the Steelers in that legendary wild card win.

For 2022, the Browns are counting on Callahan to get the next group of players ready, which include center Nick Harris, as well as tackle James Hudson. Plus, taking into account the rough year Jed Wills had, and, well, Cleveland can’t afford to lose Callahan.

The Bears think they can get him, according to Lambert, who wrote there are reasons to believe Callahan would leave Cleveland.

"“For one, he has a personal connection to Eberflus. They worked together for a few years in Dallas from 2012 to 2014. Secondly, Callahan was born and raised in Chicago. It was his home all the way through college and his first seven seasons of coaching. At 65-years old, this might be his last chance to come home and coach for the Chicago Bears,” Lambert wrote.”"

Lambert did not write about how this would happen, since Callahan is employed by the Browns and would be making a lateral move.

That said, he added in a tweet that Callahan is under contract with Cleveland and would have to seek permission to leave.

Cleveland can squash it by saying “no,” but it’s tricky. Do you want someone here who doesn’t want to be here?

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Surely, Chicago could offer draft picks, but I don’t think they’re looking to do that as a rebuilding team, and I don’t think Stefanski is willing to part with one of his top lieutenants for a late-round pick.