Browns nightmare scenario comes true as OBJ goes to the Super Bowl

Browns Odell Beckham
Browns Odell Beckham /

The Cleveland Browns are watching another divisional rival go to the Super Bowl, this time, it’s the Cincinnati Bengals, and there, they’ll watch former wide receiver OBJ be an integral part of the Rams’ passing game.

I wonder if Baker Mayfield will break his social media silence to congratulate OBJ if LA goes on to win?

Beckham hasn’t supplanted Cooper Kupp as Matthew Stafford’s No. 1 option, but he’s been darn good since arriving in LA. In the NFC title game, he had nine catches for 113 yards in the victory. Beckham never had that many catches in a game with Cleveland. He had an eight- and seven-game catch in 2017, but that’s as productive as it got.

It’s safe to say the Rams probably aren’t where they are right now if Beckham wasn’t on the roster.

Rehash the OBJ Browns hash

1. It’s rehashing the hash at this point. OBJ didn’t work out in Cleveland, but the failure of this experiment has to be used to evaluate Baker Mayfield moving forward. Why was the quarterback unable to produce results with someone who may not be elite anymore, but at the very least, is a better than average receiver?

2. Beckham’s going to be facing the media onslaught, and it’s time to get some answers, such as: Have he and Mayfield spoken since the divorce that submarined the Browns’ locker room?

3. You get the sense that Mayfield did lose some respect in the locker room after Odell’s Dad went public with that infamous re-post. Jarvis Landry not delivering a postmortem end-of-the-year recap is bizarre, yet his silence speaks volumes.

4. Jimmy G detractors are proud keyboard warriors today. OK, fine. He’s still been two NFC title games and a Super Bowl.

5. I think he’s a long shot to come to Cleveland and get the hunch he’d be better fit for the Colts.

6. As for the quarterback situation in Cleveland, remember, the Browns are playing “Moneyball.” I’d expect Paul DePodesta and company to look at what makes the most sense on the field with cost in mind.

7. Right now, Jimmy G’s $25 million contract doesn’t look so good, considering Mayfield will earn around $18.million. But if you get the 49ers to eat some of that money, might it make the difference? Just throwing it out there.

8. Remember, the front office was supposedly “spooked” at the prospect of carrying a $40 million cap number on Mayfield. They correctly punted on an extension. Always follow the money.

9. The Bengals hit the jackpot when they stumbled into the No. 1 pick and landed Burrow. Then, they correctly went with Ja’Marr Chase over an offensive lineman in the draft. No question, their line is still week, but when you have the chance to get a Randy Moss-like talent, you get him, team him with your quarterback and figure out the rest later.

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10. Finally, a shameless plug. It’s a crummy time to be a Browns fan in southwest Ohio right now.