Cavs host worst Slam-Dunk contest, LeBron James returns, All-Star musings

Cavs (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cavs (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cavs hosted the Slam Dunk contest as part of All-Star weekend, and the event was supposed to be THE showcase of Saturday night’s events.

Instead of watching dunks go viral, Cleveland got to witness what was probably the worst dunk contest in the history of the event.

We should’ve known right away that the night was going to get off to a rough start.

Cole Anthony summoned his dad, Greg Anthony from the stands. The former Knick pulled out a pair of Timberlands from his bag and the younger Anthony proceeded to put them on, and in the process, sucked the air out of the festivities.

Eager fans waited a few minutes for Anthony to tie up his new boots–it felt like an hour. All the while, I wondered from my seat in Loudville, “What’s with the boots? Is he going to lumberjack up the stansion and dive off the top of the backboard?”

Then, the dunk he tried wasn’t even all that great. It took him several tries. The Admiral, David Robison, correctly graded the slam a 7 (out of 10).

Cavs host worst Slam Dunk contest continued

Jalen Green came out in the first round, opening up a mystery box which contained a phone, attached to a gold chain. He entered his password, and highlights of the No. 2 overall pick began playing.

He then went on to put forth one of the most unimpressive rounds the event has ever seen.

I can’t predict the future, but as of right now, fans of the Cavs should give thanks everyday Houston let Evan Mobley fall to No. 3.

Obi Toppin ended up winning the competition. I was rooting for the University of Dayton product, and he did what he needed to do, considering his three opponents all self destructed.

You know LeBron is planting seeds on Cavs return

LeBron hit the All-Star game’s wining shot, adding to his lore, and throughout the break, one couldn’t help but get the vibe that LeBron probably wishes he was a Cav for this All-Star game.

Now, the city and fan base are left wondering if LeBron will make it a trifecta, returning to the Cavs for the third time in search of one more title.

Unsurprisingly, the fan base support for Return of the Kings Part III isn’t unanimous in their feelings.

LeBron–we love him even if he isn’t our favorite. He broke the curse. We also know him better than anyone else. He’s always been a front runner, so you just know he wishes he was still playing on Euclid Avenue right now.

Cleveland is the darling story of the NBA, showing how to win without an alpha superstar, while LeBron is playing for an aging Lakers squad.

If the opportunity for James’ third return arises, great–as long as Cleveland doesn’t have to sacrifice what’s been built through their young talent. LeBron, you’re still great. But I’m not torpedoing the franchise to get you in your age 38 and 39 seasons.

At least the Cavs won the skills comp

I took my 8- and 9-year old sons to the FieldHouse for the Saturday night events,, and I can say the skills competition was their crown jewel event.

For weeks, I’d been hyping the dunk contest, but it was the “warm-up” exhibition that kept them captivated.

They loved the obstacle course, moving targets and mini-game set-up of the competition.

It also helped the Cavs were participating–and speaking of the Cavs–I still can’t believe Mobley fell to No. 3. Cade Cunningham and Green may still end up being great, it’s still too early to tell. However, during the skills comp, I got to watch Mobley move and dribble in a way that’s not required of him in an actual game.

Big men just aren’t supposed to move as fluidly as he does. If he stays healthy, he really be something special.


The best part of the 75th anniversary was Michael Jordan coming out last to a big ovation. The list–and I’m not really sure what to title this list is two names deep.

Next. LeBron is keeping door open for a return. dark

Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan. That’s the list. Don’t @ me.