Isaiah Thomas puts LeBron James ahead of Jordan on GOAT list

Cavs LeBron James(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)
Cavs LeBron James(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images) /

Isaiah Thomas was was recently on the Cavs’ court celebrating his spot on the 75th anniversary team, and today, he was on ESPN talking GOATS, in particularly, LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Zeke made the four-letter network’s news cycle by omitting Jordan Jordan from his two greatest players of all time in favor of James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Thomas’ case is based on on Abdul-Jabbar’s and James’ place in the top five or 10 in the NBA’s leading statistical categories.

He argued LeBron and Kareem “Are in a category by themselves,” based off their 20-year dominance and how the league had to adapt to both players over the course of their careers.

"“By the time LeBron Jamesj is done, he is the only player…that will probably be ranked top 10, or top 5 in every statistical category. It’s never been done before, Thomas said. “Other plays have dominated, but never in his lifetime seen a player who has so thouroughly dominated in every statistical category."

Surely, Thomas leaving Jordan out of his top two will just bring up memories of years past, especially with the Last Dance still fresh in our minds. Jordan’s Bulls and Thomas’ Pistons famously didn’t get along.

The feud came to a head when the Bulls finally knocked out Detroit en route the 1991 Finals. Thomas and company refused to shake the Bulls’ hands.

Thomas was left off the 1992 Dream Team, a moved many perceive to be called for by Jordan.

I’m not old enough to have seen Kareem play, but there’s no doubting his credentials. First in points, second in games played, second in rebounds., third in blocks, first in field goals made.

As for LeBron, he’s always been capable of posting a triple-double every night. He’s currently third in points. He’ll probably overtake Abdul-Jabbar by the time it’s all said and done. He’s currently seventh in assists.

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For as great as these players were and are, I’m still riding with Jordan as the GOAT. I’ve written it before. When the game’s on the line, I think LeBron is going to win it. I KNOW Jordan is going to win.