Baker Mayfield may be at fault for the Cleveland Browns getting back in on Deshaun Watson

Baker Mayfield is responsible for Cleveland Browns’ fan’s woes over Deshaun Watson.

Baker Mayfield was apparently responsible for the Cleveland Browns forcing their way back into the Deshaun Watson trade debacle. Mayfield, according to Mary Kay Cabot of was fully prepared to sit out 2022 the same way Watson sat out 2021. He was prepared to not attend any camps, training, or practices while a member of the Browns.

This may have been the reason that the Browns apparently continued pursuing Watson, even after the team was ruled out of the running. Watson would then get moved to Cleveland, and be given $200+ million in guaranteed money, all while Watson is accused of 22 different sexual complaints, as well as ongoing civil litigation over the complaints.

Mayfield’s brash decision doomed a majority of Browns fans to have to deal with the Watson-of-it-all. If Mayfield was content to work out the fifth year of his deal with the Browns, it’s very likely that Watson wouldn’t be here right now.

Cleveland Browns fanbase don’t buy the owner’s claims about Deshaun Watson

Mayfield has doomed the fans of Cleveland to suffer Watson for the next five years, assuming he can keep his nose clean (which I would not put money on). Ownership knows how pissed off the base is, and it’s only getting worse. So they of course did their typical PR spin, claiming they “investigated” the situation “thoroughly” before making the decision about acquiring Watson.

Keep in mind, this is the same owner who kept bringing Josh Gordon back, who went out to get Johnny Manziel, who had his company used, and has had a whole host of personnel complaints about his management skills, or to be more exact, lack thereof.

Not only that but it’s been confirmed that the Browns never reached out to the 22 accusers or their lawyer to get their side of the story. Anyone will tell you that hearing about the pain and anguish endured is a heck of a lot harder to ignore than just reading it in transcripts. Clearly, the Browns don’t have the credibility to be trusted when it comes to such blatant PR spinning.

Just two weeks ago fans had such high hopes for 2022. Now it’s all marred by a stubborn soon-to-be-ex-quarterback, an ownership and management group who don’t mind selling their souls, and a new quarterback with 22 sexual complaints that will always be part of his legacy.