Power rankings don’t matter for Cleveland Guardians, but these are a joke

Cleveland Guardians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Guardians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Guardians getting no respect…Power rankings don’t really matter. They’re the equivalent of the Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless yelling at you from your TV. We can get worked up over them, when if we just wait, we’ll actually  be given an answer in time.

No. 1 team in baseball? We get to find out, In October. I know, I know. How dare this be written in 2022.

Ok, so if these rankings mean nothing, then why get so worked up? Your answer is the four-letter network’s latest rankings. I wanted to check in with the national writers, just to see what they’re saying about those Guardians. Long story short: I got ticked off, fast.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not such a homer to believe the Guards should be No.1, or top 10. But when compared to some of their AL Central rivals, their spot on this list is a joke.

Somehow, the White Sox (6-5), are ranked No. 7, while the 4-7 Tigers are 17th. And the Guards, you ask? The 6-5 club is 20th, down two spots from their previous spot.

Look, I know it’s early, but this column screams “I was sent to the editor during the Guardians Game 1 shellacking of Sox and we just published it anyways.”

It’s the only explanation I can come up with, as it was fair to be down on the Guards after dropping their first three at home to the Giants. Never mind they had won four in a row before that.

Cleveland Guardians vs The World

It’s all good, though. Just another reminder that it’s Cleveland against the World.

For those giving the Guards a closer look than the nationals currently are, you know Cleveland’s rotation is still ramping up. Jose Ramirez is already an MVP candidate. Owen Miller will return from COVID and he’s a doubles machine. I think some of the other younger guys will hit, too. The early returns on the bullpen, the preseasons biggest question mark, look good as well.

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But keep on dogging the Guards. There’s a long way to go and I’ve been contending for a few weeks now that they’re capable of surprising some people.