5 Cleveland Browns to worry about heading into 2022 training camp

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3. Cleveland Browns RB Kareem Hunt

The Cleveland Browns offense went out of whack in 2021 and while a light was cast over inadequate quarterback play, lining up without Kareem Hunt didn’t help.

The veteran back missed 11 games last season, meaning the Browns and Baker didn’t have that safety valve they could throw screens to, who was capable of picking up big chunks of yards.

Now, he’s back in a contract year. There’s internet rumblings of Hunt being traded, which is absurd.   He’s an explosive player who offers something Chubb doesn’t in his ability to hit a home run in the passing game. It’s not that Chubb can’t do it, but I’d argue Hunt is more likely to get it done.

Unfortunately, Stefanski has never really figured out how to scheme up a way to put Hunt and Chubb on the field at the same time in a way that confounds opposing defenses. COVID was the reason in 2020 and Hunt’s injury last year, although before the injury, and it didn’t look like the coach was willing to give it much of a try.