5 prospects Cavs may target in 2022 NBA Draft with 14th pick

Cavs AJ Griffin (Photo by Handout/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)
Cavs AJ Griffin (Photo by Handout/NCAA Photos via Getty Images) /
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Cavs Dyson Daniels (Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images) /

2. Cavs potential prospect: Dyson Daniels, PG G-League Ignite

He’s a point guard, and it’s not exactly a need, but hear me out. When Darius Garland and Ricky Rubio were on the court together last season, the Cavs were very, very good.

So the thinking here would be to team Garland up with a playmaker who just so happens to be 6-foot-7. Darius gets the opportunity to grab some catch-and-shoot possibilities while teams just can’t try and lock him down and beat him up as he brings the ball down the court.

Dyson’s offensive game needs some polish, but shots can improve. He is regarded as a good defender and is someone who talked about guarding positions 1-4. He’ll probably match up against wings na points guards in the NBA, but whatever works.

Dyson, who is from rural Australia, grew up idozlizing Cleveland fan favorite and Cavs legend Matthew Dellavedova.

The Cavs have shown interest Daniels, according to Cleveland.com’s Chris Fedor.