NBADraft reveals their picks for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2022 NBA Draft

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NBADraft has revealed their mock draft for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have three picks in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft. They have three picks in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft, one in the first round at No. 14, and two in the second round, at picks 39 and pick 58. They can remake their entire roster if they hit on two of the three picks, and be able to upgrade their roster a bit by trading away a few lesser pieces and replacing them with the rookies.

Now before anyone gets really excited about the Cav shaving three picks, remember, the NBA Draft is far less reliable, as compared to say the NFL Draft. The teams picking outside of the Top 10 rarely find starters, let alone All-Stars, even fewer are in the second round. So the Cavs aren’t likely to find that huge names late in the draft, but there’s always the chance of some real gems.

If they can find a few grinders or some specialty guys, then that would be wonderful. A Lamar Stevens or Duncan Robinson type would make this draft all worthwhile. It’s possible the Cavs get a starting caliber guy at number 14 and that should be a priority.

So while we suss out who we think the Cavs should take, we decided to take a look at to see who they think we should take with our three draft picks. So, let’s get into it.

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