4 Cleveland Browns not named Baker Mayfield who could be traded before the season starts

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns may trade more than just Baker Mayfield this year.

The Cleveland Browns are trying to swing Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers this offseason and that may work. It may not. What can be said is, that the Browns are very likely to make some moves this offseason that could see several players end their tenure with the team.

Some will be traded for assets because they’re valuable, some may be traded just because they no longer fit and some others may be traded because they aren’t what they once were. We have no idea who will be traded or the why.

We’re not fortune tellers, yet these four names to us are the most obvious ones to get traded at some point this off-season who aren’t Mayfield.

Four names the Cleveland Browns may trade

Anthony Schwartz

Anthony Schwartz has not been the most dominant of prospects. In fact, he’s been rather unimpressive. That may be due to the injury last season he sustained before the season that slowed his progress. He might just not be all that good. If Schwartz gets pushed out by Demetric Felton, expect Schwartz to get flipped for a late-round pick.

Kareem Hunt

The next two picks are either/or’s. Kareem Hunt makes sense as a trade piece if you don’t intend on re-signing him, and if you believe D’Ernest Johnson and Jerome Ford are legitimate options for you going into 2023. Hunt is in the last year of his deal and could fetch a pretty penny if the Browns trade him.

D’Ernest Johnson

The Browns made the right call by signing him for the 2022 season, as he’s both a viable option in the backfield and a great trade chip. The Browns may be able to get something out of him from a runningback-strapped team and if so, the team may be better off for it. He’s a good runner but the team is pretty stacked at running back, even if guys got hurt.

Jack Conklin

I have a feeling that if Jack Conklin isn’t back to his All-Pro self by the end of training camp, the team may try to flip him for an asset, but only if the team sees something from James Hudson, Blake Hance, or any of the other offensive tackles. Like with Hunt and Johnson, Conklin’s contract is up after this year and with $60 million being added to the books for the 2023 season, someone’s big contract, like Conklin’s, may not be renewed. Trading him for pick is a solid option with that in mind.

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