A new stadium without a roof is so anti-Cleveland Browns

Browns (Photo byJamie Squire/Getty Images)
Browns (Photo byJamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns want to build a new stadium but there’s a conundrum.

The Cleveland Browns are eying land in Downtown Cleveland to build a new stadium. Why? Because Jimmy Haslam is just terrible at all things in life. The stadium is the newest of the three buildings in Cleveland and none of them need to be replaced.

That said, the big push to get a new stadium centers around the idea of getting one with a roof on it. The idea is purely driven by the idea of a domed structure so that they can do more major shows in the area. This would obviously then put the stadium in a place to house bigger shows than anywhere else in Cleveland.

It would also allow Cleveland to host the Super Bowl, WrestleMania, the NCAA Championships in football and basketball, among other major events. That all said, the idea of football on turf and in a dome is as far away from the spirit of Cleveland Browns football as you can get.

The Cleveland Browns stadium idea is a contradiction

The Cleveland Browns play in the elements. That’s the whole gimmick. To take that away would be sacrilegious. It’d be against the very nature of the team’s lineage and legacy. It would force players to play on artificial grass, causing players to endure more frequent injuries and maybe even more career-ending injuries.

It would the home-field element out, as most teams don’t know how to play in this area (besides Buffalo), and it would nerf the idea of “AFC North football”. If you want stadium football, watch whatever in-door league is still around.

The idea of a retractable roof doesn’t make things better in this scenario. They’ll still close it when the elements get too bad and that’s kind of the point for not having one. To let the player adapt to the elements. The snow-covered field is one of the best sights ever to close the year with, and to lose that because Haslam wants to milk Cleveland dry financially is repugnant.

Then again, look who I’m talking about.

Although hosting WrestleMania, the Super Bowl, and whatever else comes to town is a boon for the area and would give Cleveland a major chance to show off how fantastic the area is….sooo….

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