3 expectations for new Cleveland Guardians minority owner David Blitzer

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1. Cleveland Guardians won’t have record-breaking payroll

Everyone wants the Cleveland Guardians to spend like George Steinbrenner’s Yankees of the late 1990s, when “The Boss” wanted a player, he wrote a check to get him.

Unless the Guardians get an owner who truly wants to treat his team like a toy, where money isn’t an object, then the dream help by many a Cleveland fan, will forever stay in fantasy land.

With David Blitzer on board as a minority owner, some foresee an influx of cash gushing into Cleveland’s payroll, when in reality, not much is going to change.

More likely than not, business will be run as usual, especially with the Dolans as controlling owners, according to Cleveland.com’s Terry Pluto. Perhaps things change when Blitzer has the option to become majority owner in 2028, but before you jump to conclusions, consider his portfolio.

Blitzer’s net worth is $1.3 billion, according to the News-Herald’s Jeff Schudel. He owns the 76ers and the New Jersey Devils. He has minority stakes in the Steelers, as well as foreign soccer leagues.

Schudel cited statista.com, writing Blitzer’s assets would not make him one of the richest owners in baseball (He’d actually be in the bottom third). Baseball’s richest owner is the Mets’ Steve Cohen ($16 million).  Blue Jays owner Edward S. Rogers is second ($11.5 billion), while the Braves’ John Malone is third at $6.6 billion. Guess who’s fourth? Ding-ding. Cleveland’s Larry Dolan ($4.6 billion).

Cohen actually treats his team like a fantasy squad, but the Blue Jays were awful before signing a free agent like George Springer after developing talent from within (Vladdy Jr., Beau Bichette). The Braves just let World Series hero Freddie Freeman walk because he costs too much money.

The bottom line: These owners, despite their wealth, don’t like burning money. Heck, even the Yankees are hemming and hawing over whether to bring back Aaron Judge.