3 expectations for new Cleveland Guardians minority owner David Blitzer

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No decision making power yet

Clevelanders want to put John Sherman in the minority-owner hall of fame, because his ownership coincided with the signing of Edwin Encarnacion. Sherman certainly could have helped, but the Indians had extra cash after making a playoff run into the seventh game of the World Series.

Plus, as The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd noted, Sherman’s time with Cleveland ran parallel with cash flowing in from BAMTECH (8:25), which became MLB Advanced Media. That money well had just about dried up by the time Sherman left to buy the Royals, according to Lloyd.

For what it’s worth, Sherman has just about the same amount of wealth as Blitzer. Who’d Kansas City sign this offseason? The Royals had high expectations entering 2022, but are currently in the cellar of the AL Central.

Being a minority owner is kind of cool thing you can do when you’ve got a billion dollars. You get to tell people you own a slice of the Guardians. You get to go to all the cool stuff and meet all the movers and shakers. You pony up dough for cash calls, but you don’t get any real decision making power.

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Now, that said, the Dolans weren’t just looking for a dollar sign with Sherman. They were looking for a partner to forge a relationship with, and that’s probably what they’re doing with Blitzer.