If Kyrie Irving is available the Cleveland Cavaliers should avoid any trade for him like the plague

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kyrie Irving
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kyrie Irving /

Kyrie Irving is available and the Cleveland Cavaliers need to avoid him at all costs.

Kyrie Irving is the kiss of death for any team he seemingly ends up on and that’s all the reason the Cleveland Cavaliers need to avoid trading for him. We saw what he did in Cleveland first hand, all because he wanted to be “the man” and because he didn’t like taking marching orders from LeBron James.

Then he and Gordan Hayward jump to the Boston Celtics together, with many believing he’d usher in a new dynasty in Boston. Two years later, he’s gone and never played more than 67 games in either season nor did he make the NBA Finals once.

Then it was three, just miserable, years in Brooklyn. He played less than 30 games in two different years and then he played just 58 games in another. All the while causing drama and chaos in each and every season. Sure he can score, but that’s really all he can do. He isn’t a good defender, and with his increasingly odd and peculiar takes (like the Earth being flat), it’s hard to see how anyone can take him seriously anymore.

The Nets have made him available and with all the talk of LeBron James may be having an interest in a return to Cleveland, the conspiracy theorists (not Irving), seem to think the Cavs could and would make a run at Irving.

That should absolutely not happen.

The Cleveland Cavaliers should not make major changes to this team for anyone.

If any trade scenario involves trading Darius Garland, Collin Sexton, Evan Mobley, Jarrett Allen, or Kevin Love, then that trade should die a thousand deaths.

If you want to argue trades of Caris LeVert, Cedi Osman, or Isaac Okoro; fine. But you’re not getting Irving for those three names.

And draft picks? Heck no. The Brooklyn Nets are a time-tested example of why you don’t spend first-round picks on players who are 30 and have injury and personality issues. The Cavs trading for Irving would not only blow up the nucleus of a team that is poised to dominate in 2022-2023 but would probably give the team the worst major trade asset since Shawn Kemp in 1997.

So let’s say “no thank you” to the idea of trading for Irving. 2016 was nice and all, but it’s time to move on from the idea of bringing back those players. If they’re not already part of the Cavs then we don’t need them, and we sure as shoot don’t want them.

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