Ranking and grading every offensive linemen on the Cleveland Browns ahead of training camp

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /
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We’re grading the offensive linemen ahead of the Cleveland Browns camp.

By now you know the routine, we’re looking at the offensive linemen today, while quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, and running backs have already been covered. This will complete the offense, and tomorrow we’ll begin on the defense.

We’re going to look at the offensive line individually by position first, then we’ll look at them in totality as a unit. So each player grade will represent how each player fits in the scheme and position. For instance, Blake Hance’s grade may not make people happy, but it’s important to remember he’s a guard, who played tackle last year. He’s not being judged on his abilities as a tackle, but for his talents as a guard.

Also, keep in mind, that we’re basing each player’s position based on listings online. So if ESPN or another outlet lists someone at a position, that’s the position we assume they’ll be going to camp for. That may not be where they start the season, but remember, this is a pre-camp evaluation only.

As there have been some questions surrounding how and what the grades mean in a single player vs. position sense, we’ve updated that to be a bit more transparent.

The below grades are intended for individual talent evaluations only. Letter grades are given “+” or “-” to determine exactly where they rank among others in that grade. For instance, an A- is a Pro Bowler, an “A” is your top-of-the-class, All-Pro type, while an “A+” is for your guys playing at a Hall of Fame level.

  • INC – Given to expected practice squad players with little-to-no tape on them
  • F –expected to be out of the league before the end of his rookie contract
  • D – practice squad guy
  • C – could get minutes as a backup
  • B – starter
  • A – among the league’s best

Positional grades are more optics related. In that regard here’s how that would break down;

  • F – Position is a determinate to the team and talent is needed.
  • D – Not a very talented group/too many unknowns.
  • C – League average, can win with them but will also lose with them.
  • B- A strength on the team.
  • A – Among the league’s very best.

I want to stress these aren’t season-ending grades or evaluations. I expect some of these grades to go up, and to go down, depending on seasonal production. This is merely establishing a baseline for expectations.