Ranking and grading every offensive linemen on the Cleveland Browns ahead of training camp

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Elijah Nkansah, Ben Petrula (R), Alex Taylor

Considering there are six guards who could realistically make the team, we can safely say some of these cats are going to be on the practice squad, and Elijah Nkansah, Ben Petrula, and Alex Taylor are the likeliest of the names to end up there.

Grade: INC

James Hudson III

Due to the number of injuries, James Hudson, who was described as a project player, saw a lot of time. He played horribly in that given amount of time. I don’t think NFL teams need to be wasting draft picks on projects, let alone in the fourth round. That’s the only reason I don’t think he’s getting cut. If he wasn’t taken so high, I don’t think Hudson makes the team, simply based on his 2021 season. He very well could get better, but also he very well could get worse.

Grade: D-

Chris Hubbard

The normally reliable swiss army knife that is Chris Hubbard is coming in with a low grade for two reasons and they’re directly tied to one another; his injury history and age. Now, if he were 10 years younger, maybe last year’s injury isn’t a big deal. If he didn’t get hurt last year, maybe his age isn’t a big deal. Yet, in conjunction with one another? I have concerns about his viability. He’s 31, plays a demanding position, and is someone who could very easily regress. Or, he could fill in for a struggling player and go to the Pro Bowl. It all depends on how he bounces back from his injuries last year.

Grade: C-

Jedrick Wills

I’ve made no bones about it, The Browns picked the wrong guy in 2020. Jedrick Wills is playing for a second contract and it’s not out of the realm of possibility he gets one in the NFL, let alone from the Browns. Wills is on that cusp, and right now, I’d be willing to extend him a few years at the right price. Is he worth a dollar more than the “right price”? No, he is not. He’s got slow feet and is afraid to engage with pass blocking, allowing for a lot of guys to get around him. The team famously runs away from his side as well, as he isn’t the best at sealing the edge or getting got the second level. Practice can only help so much.

Grade: C+

Jack Conklin

Having a season-ending injury may have been the best thing for Jack Conklin, who was already playing with a host of other alignments. I think he’ll be back to form but I once considered him the best run-blocking tackle in the NFL and a guaranteed, multi-time, All-Pro player. Now? Time will tell.

Grade: A-