5 surprising Cleveland Browns who very easily could be cut this preseason

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The Cleveland Browns could easily be without these five veterans.

The Cleveland Browns, like every other NFL team at the start of the year, are hoping that training camp gives the team clarity on who they should keep and who they should release. Every year new names make a case for stardom and veteran names do everything they can to hold off the hands of time. That creeping realization that they are not long for this sport is on every player’s mind, and it quite often comes to fruition during training camp.

Veterans are constantly cut for the sake of younger, newer, pieces and this year will be no different for the Browns. They’re a team poised for a big year, assuming things go their way. They are loaded with young talent and have a glut of veterans at a few key positions. Positions that will need to be trimmed if they hope to get under the player limit for the season.

Every NFL team can carry 53 active players while dressing 46 for every game. The Browns currently have 89 players and 24 of them alone are from the last three drafts. It’s well within the realm of possibility that this is the year we start to see some of Andrew Berry’s draft picks get 86’ed, or a few beloved veterans get shown the door.

This is a list of the five we think will get cut, but we make no promises one way or another. Just that these five make the most sense.

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