Predicting Browns schedule with Deshaun Watson missing for 6 games

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The Cleveland Browns franchise learned the man they invested $230 million guaranteed dollars in will only miss six games for violation of the league’s personal conduct policy.

While fan reaction toward Watson is mixed, most NFL insiders will say Watson is a top 10 quarterback. The Browns believe he’s top five, which is why they committed all that money to someone who came with more baggage than the cargo hold on 747 airplane.

Watson is still eligible to play in the preseason, and he should, considering he hasn’t seem game action  since the end of the 2020 season. Jacoby Brissett will need reps, too, though, as he’s Watson’s replacement until the Clemson product is eligible to play.

Former first-round pick Josh Rosen was brought in to compete with Josh Dobbs for the third quarterback spot, as one of these players will need to back up Brissett. Not taking anything away from Dobbs, but at least Rosen has thrown a touchdown pass.

The rest of Cleveland’s roster really is talented, and with Watson under center, the Browns should be a contender. But can the team stay afloat while Watson’s sits?

Here’s a look at the Browns schedule after news of Watson’s suspension dropped.