4 things Cleveland Browns depth chart tells us for Week 1 vs. the Jaguars

The Cleveland Browns’ depth chart is like a Magic 8 Ball that we’re trying to use to gleam the future.

The Cleveland Browns released their first depth chart ahead of their meeting with the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. The preseason matchup isn’t going to be too interesting, as the Browns are mostly settled at a majority of their positions.

The team still has to figure out the defensive tackles, fourth cornerback, and second safety spots, but those will largely be handled in practice. None of the starting talents are really going to play much this preseason.

Most of it will be on Jacoby Brissett to get used to the offense and to figure out what reserves make the team. For Brissett, he’ll likely get most of the reps for the next three weeks, as Deshaun Watson will likely be suspended for the first six games at least. A new report is out that says due to the NFLPA not appealing the six-game suspension when it was first announced, they probably won’t file a lawsuit that would allow Watson to play those six games.

Due to their failure to appeal the six-game suspension, experts believe they can now only try to prevent any additional games to be added. Thus putting Brissett in the spotlight for the first nine weeks of the season.

What else did we see in the Browns’ depth chart for Week 1?

Four things the Cleveland Browns’ depth chart against the Jacksonville Jaguars tells us

The Cleveland Browns are still going with two tight ends

Seeing Harrison Bryant and David Njoku starting against the Jaguars is interesting. We thought with the release of Austin Hooper and not re-signing Stephen Carlson, we thought for sure the Browns were done with two tight-end sets as a starting point for the team. That appears not to be the case.

Johnny Stanton will likely make the team as a combo player

On top of that, it appears as though the belief that Johnny Stanton will play more of an H-Back role with the Browns is true. Despite being the team’s starting fullback, Stanton is listed as the second tight end behind Bryant. In three-tight end sets without a fullback, he’ll likely get the action on the line but in goal line outings, it seems Miller Forristall will be the third tight end, as Stanton moves to fullback. So Stanton will likely be very crucial to the offense as a utility guy.

The Cleveland Browns clearly don’t have faith in their receivers

The Browns are likely starting two tight ends due to a lack of faith in the receiver positions. While David Bell is getting rave reviews in practice, he’s about it. The team’s receivers have not been putting on the show some fans thought possible, and that’s no surprise. The team’s receiver depth is weak. This wouldn’t be that surprising except for the fact that many in the know said Kevin Stefanski was going to run more three and four-receiver sets. Clearly, he doesn’t feel the team is ready for that yet.

Jacob Phillips is likely getting his last shot

Barring a trade, Anthony Walker will start the season as the Browns’ middle linebacker. He’s quick enough to play in coverage and a good enough tackler to hold the center of the defense down. He’s not a Pro Bowler, but he’s good enough. Yet, Jacob Phillips is listed with him on the first team, making me feel as though the Browns are giving Phillips one last opportunity before they decide to cut him. Should Phillips struggle in the preseason, I could see him being let go to make space on the roster.