3 Cleveland Browns players who need to have a good outing vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Cleveland Browns are in action but these three players have a lot to prove.

The Cleveland Browns have a lot going on as they head into their first preseason game of the year. The team is still waiting on the situation with Deshaun Watson to be resolved and it seems more likely now than ever that he’ll miss most of, if not the entire season due to his sexual misconduct.

That means that some guys are going to be given more opportunities to thrive, namely every quarterback on the roster. Watson will start the game, and that means there will be fewer reps for the rest of the group, who probably need the action more than Watson.

Yet, the quarterback room isn’t the only group that has a need to get some playing time. There are quite a few guys who have something to prove or disprove and the preseason games are where that’s done.

Three Cleveland Browns players who need to step up against the Jaguars

Chris Hubbard

With a glut of offensive linemen, the Browns cannot afford to keep guys around who don’t produce. Chris Hubbard fell into a nice “sixth man” role for the team, and his adaptability and versatility made him a vital contributor after he lost his starter’s spot to Jack Conklin. Yet, Hubbard is getting old, and coming off an injury. Now the team has to decide if he’s still the same guy or does someone else on the fringes of the team take his spot.

Jacoby Brissett

You gotta feel for Jacoby Brissett. Yes, he’s looked bad in camp, but then again, who thought he wouldn’t? Has anyone seen him actually play before camp? Was I the only one? Brissett is not a good NFL starter and his practices look about what many thought he’d be. Yet, even though he’s essentially lived up to expectations, the word is that the team wants Jimmy Garoppolo to replace him already. Brissett can’t afford to have a bad outing, because if the Browns do trade for Garoppolo, it’ll be Brissett that gets released to make room.

Jordan Elliot

There are probably two dozen names who could go in Jordan Elliot’s spot along with him, this isn’t to single him out, but the position itself. As a defensive tackle, Elliot has to step up and play well or he will be cut. The team is out of excuses for not playing him and the team can ill afford for him to look bad when there are two rookies, and a second-year player right behind him.